We are 6 Charity ★

"We're the 39 6Charity girls of the 2006 batch from CHIJ OLGC.

We'd stay together, for as long as we can.
Yes, there are 0 boys. So what!"

Blog created on November 3 2006,
Last Update: November 21 2007.

39 Girls/0 Boys ★

Form teacher: Yang Lao Shi :D
Assist. Form teacher: Mrs. Agnes Chia :D

1. Alison Marie Lee Cheng Hei
{Paya Lebar Methodist Girls'}
2. Amanda Teo Wei Chien
{Nanyang Girls'}
3. Audrey Tay Hui Yi
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
4. Cassandra Tho Xin Yu
{Cedar Girls'}
5. Celestine Ng Qian Hui
{Singapore Chinese Girls'}
6. Chan Yuet Huey Josephine
{NUS High}
7. Charmaine Wee Shu Yun
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
8. Chua Qian Lin Melissa
{Presbyterian High}
9. Faith Lim Fei Ying
{Chung Cheng High (Main)}
10. Gloria Kho Shi Hui
{Cedar Girls'}
11. Heng Yiting Melanie
{CHIJ St Joseph's Convent}
12. Ho Xiang Ying
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
13. Huin Jia Yi
{Kuo Chuan Presbyterian}
14. Khong Jia Hui
{Ang Mo Kio Secondary}
15. Kristal Tai Ting Ting
{Presbyterian High}
16. Krystal Kwan Hui Yun
{Zhong Hua Secondary}
17. Lai Yan Li Elizabeth
{Crescent Girls'}
18. Larissa Andrea Teo
{St Anthony Canossian}
19. Laura Kuan Yi Hua
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
20. Lee Si Jin Vanessa
{Raffles Girls' Secondary}
21. Lek Li Ying Renia
{Chung Cheng High (Main)}
22. Liew Yi Ting
{Tanjong Katong Girls' Secondary}
23. Lim Ru Min Cheryl
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
24. Lim Shi Ting Crystal
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
25. Lin De Lu Sophia
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
26. Luo Rong
{Dunman High}
27. Mackenzie Rae Schoon
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
28. Marian Ng Si Lin
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
29. Ooi Qian Yi
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
30. Rochelle Sim Poh Yun
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
31. Seah Hsiao Wei
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
32. Sharumathi Manogaran
{CHIJ St Joseph's Convent}
33. Siong Li Qing Jeannie
{Nan Chiau Secondary}
34. Tan-Min
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
35. Teng Hao Wen
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
36. Teo Wei Shan
{Kuo Chuan Presbyterian}
37. Thiam Pei Shan
{CHIJ Katong Convent Secondary}
38. Tiffany Gui
{Raffles Girls' Secondary}
39. Yee Si Min
{Nanyang Girls'}

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YAmanda YAudrey YCassandra YJosephine YMelissa YKrystal YLarissa YRenia YYi Ting YCrystal YSophia YQian Yi YHao Wen YWei Shan YPei Shan

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We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Wednesday, November 29, 2006
8:22 PM


Yay. Christmas is comin soon, but too bad we cant spend it together. Oh wait. There's that weird Alison party thing, which includes ice-skating in the schedule ? o.O Well anyway. I'm so freakin bored. -_-"

Christmas Food List :-
>> Appetizers/Drinks.
- Egg nog.
- Salads.
>> Main meal.
- Stuffed turkey with loads of garnish !
- Honey-baked ham.
>> Deserts.
- Mince pie.
- Log cake.
- Christmas pudding [rice pudding].
- Fruit cakes.

Doesn't that sound nice? -.O Ok. Seeya guys !

- Rawk on. Mel C.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

8:06 PM


OK PEOPLE! Listen up. I'm getting damn bored and you people are just not responding! -.- No one is posting, not a word! URGH! I know you are all tooooo lazy, but HEY, this is a class blog, not my blog, or lizzy's blog, or renia's blog. It's like only the few of us are postin. I know there are more of you people out there who visits the blog, but only read what other people post.


OK PLEASE DO SOMETHING ALRIGHT! Even if you only post one sentence ( or one word- with a meaning of cos! ) . Ask anyone for the user and pw. Can ask me also. OK.



We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

6:15 PM



I want to go on holiday, budden my parents say NO and anyway, my grandparents coming Singapore at the end of the year. HIAK HIAK. And freakin' MRS SEAH wants me to write a ridiculous article about how i obtained the top PSLE mark!? WTH! Like this kinda thing how to write. IDIOTIC! Hias! Can someone tell me how to start?! Urgh! I have to pass up the thing like tmrw! )):

However, CHRISTMAS is coming. ((: But i wont receive anything anyway. )): It's like, it's always like that, except for my first few years in Singapore. )): NO PRESENT! )):


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Tuesday, November 28, 2006
11:26 AM



#1, Alison: HAAA. thanks for being the boobless me star and making all of us laugh !

#2, Amanda: thanks for talking mindless crap with me when we have nothing to do. :D

#3, Audrey: thanks for organising that bbq ! we all had fun, yeah !? ill keep the fluff balls FOREVAAA.

#4, Cassandra: thanks for being a fellow Cherry&Tea. CONTINUE BEING YOUR CUTE BLUR SELF. :D

#5, Celestine: thanks for keeping the class in control. XD AHH I LOVE THAT WATCH OF YOURS WITH THAT JEWEL DESIGN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE METAL PIECE !!

#6, joe-the-SPLEEN: thanks for having a name that can be messed around with BY *m0ii* !! ill NEVER EVER forget the way you twitspeak. :D AND your weird daily typos. you're so FUNNEH.

#7, charmaine: thanks for having beautiful fingers. HAH. wheres your beanstalk ? :D

#8, MELLEH/MELLY/MEL/MELLA/MERMAID ?!: thanks for being my friend since last year. :D been through thick and thin ? I WILL FOREVER REMEMBER YOU AS THE GIRL WHO FOLLOWED ME TO MEET *UGLY*, AND WALKING IN THE RAIN LIKE 2 MANIACS ! :D oh yeah, and the one who was with me when the forever horny idiotic gangster, HORNEH, came into my life. NIAPkorkor~ -.-

#9, faith: thanks for being the telephone between me, kris, krys and melissa ! HAH. you patched us back ! (that sounds kinda wrong?)

#10, gloria: thanks for having that weird tagboard of yours. -.- it was entertaining during the dull days. HAH. :D

#11, melanie: thanks for being the only person in the class whos also in learning lab ! so that we can tell each other what happened in the lesson before ! :D

#12, xiangying: thanks for being that small little smart girl at the front with very smooth hair and very squishy cheeks ! HAH. (that sounds kinda gross. -.-")

#13, jiayi: well, dont really talk to you, but thanks for being a fellow cherrytian ! :D

#14, jiahui: thanks for being the GOODY in the skit !! hah MUMMY AND DADDY SAY ITS CHEATING EH ? XD

#15, kristal: thanks for being the girl with the most siblings in the class ! 4 bros. O.O? i still dont understand why you like DORAEMON !! HAHAHAHAH. :D

#16, krystal: thanks for being the girl with many many many many online bfs, fake or not. HAH. -.- its entertaining when im bored ! :D

#18, larissa: whoooo~ thanks for being the sick girl who loves dirrty indian words. :D REMEMBER: NO CRYING, THATS CHEATING. ((:

#19, laura: XD thanks for being my fellow choir member who has really smal hands ! and thanks for introducing me to THE PEACHES !!!! THEY RAAWWWK. :D HAHAH. "your penis is a dream, the biggest one i've ever seen." HAHAHAHAHAH.

#20, vanessa: thanks for being the one who made me fat by selling me all those sweets !! XD you're smart, pretty and athletic. AAAAAAH I HATE YOU LAA !!! :D

#21, renia: thanks for putting up this class blog ! and being the one who screams so freakin loudly. -.-" and the person with the second tiniest hands in class !! HAHAHAH.

#22, yiting: thanks for being my friend since primary 1 ! do your cheeks still hurt ? HAH. ill remember you as the sick girl who makes fun of Rihanna's S.O.S. !!

#23, cheryl: thanks for the many glow sticks !! AHHAH. :P

#24, crystal: thanks for being the girl who freaked me out with your near-lesbian actions ! HAH. :D yeah, and i agree with melleh: go ask someone for blood so that it can circulate in the morning !! DONT HURT YITINGS HEAD AND HAIR ANYMORE !! good luck with your love life. :D

#25, sophia: thanks for being the choir girl who keeps making renia scream. :D you and qian yi are funneh. :D

#26, luorong: thanks for being the GREEN HOUSE CAPTAIN ! you are so darn smart laa !! HAH. :D

#27, mackie: thanks for being my fellow cherrytian !! :D

#28, marian: thanks for being the girl who guided me through ymm's boring lessons during the first semester ! I LOVE YOUR BIG BROWN EYES ! :D:D:D

#29, qian yi: thanks for being so easily frustrated last time when me, laura, marian and larissa kept making fun of you (by using renia!) ! XD AAH I HATE YOU !! YOU GOT INTO ST NICKS LAA. :D

#30, rochelle: thanks for doing those freakin cool ballet moves !! :D:D:D

#31, hsiao wei: thanks for being the nice one ! :D

#32, sharu: GREY UNDERWEAAAR. ((: i wont forget that joke. :P thanks for teaching the gross 6Cians those sick indian words ! and laughing so funneh-ly too !

#33, jeannie: thanks for being the crazy one who says PIGGIEE !! so freakin high. :D

#34, tanmin: thanks for being the smart and funny one whos always sitting near me (i just noticed) !

#35, haowen: thanks for being the smart one !! let out your laughter more ! GO CRAZY. :D

#36, weishan: thanks for being the funny one who sat next to me ! everytime i think of you, i think of the time when you said your tuition friend said the cylinder was ROLL SHAPED. O.o so long time ago ?!

#37, peishan: thanks for being the fast-talker ! you, qianyi and sophia are funny !

#38, tiffaanee: thanks for being the one who keeps asking me for drawings !! AAH YOU'RE SO SMART !! ill always remember you as the one who had the conversation with me about the sex change ! dig the adams apple out ? cut the penis off ? WTH. :D

#39, simin: thanks for having naturally SEXAAY poses. HAHAH. thats the only word i can describe it !! XD

THATS ALL. i currently have 8min of battery life left on this laptop. its also 4.58AM and i havent slept ! AAAAAAAAAH. not sleepy anyway !!


w0 shHii LiZz3H oHhs~

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

4:59 AM


WAH. RENIA. Not fair leh! I want to type the 38th post! It's my index! URGH! Hahahaha. JKJK! Anyway, yaa lets visit the new skl next yr. I think CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION will make a good visit! ((:

And you sixcherrytians out there! Can you come and post or something!! The blog is not active ENOUGH! And the people who come to the blog is usually the same sixcians. -.- PLEASE SUPPORT THE BLOG! O.o


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Monday, November 27, 2006
11:40 AM


Hey people :D We've got 37 posts and I'm currently posting the 38th. At least we have more then 10! 6C WHOOOSH! I really wanna say PHEW that this class blog was created early cos' the newest Blogger Beta is like so hard to use -.- Maybe only Kissthelem know's how to use it.

Yeah people, you know the ( Title: ) thing before the posting part, can you like fill in your name? Hahahahahahaha. It looks neater. EH, don't say WTH to me! I may look like a very untidy person but I'm actually not in the inside WOR. :D Hyper~

Okie, man 6Cians really rock! Cos' those things typed by the previous 6Cians are really POWERFUL man. Thanks ((: Hahahahaha, my marks so kns, hahahahaha. LOL.

It is 10 minutes to 11 now, but I don't intend to sleep. Hahahahaha.

The blue boy from Juon is Larissa's brother! :D:D:D

I am RENIAAA- but I'll sign off as A-SBBB. A-SBBB=RENIAAA- (:


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Sunday, November 26, 2006
10:54 PM


OK VANESSA. It's only a maybe that i go to RGS. However if i dont go there, i suppose i can at least go to ST NICS right? I wish you little ppl out there Good Luck! ((: After all, your choice of skl might not be the skls vanessa and i mentioned. I mn, even if you are going ZHONG HUA or whatsoever, it's still good! :D My parents told me that going a good skl has PROS but also CONS. Ir's the same for other skls too. (:

Besides that, I have planned that we might post on this blog the skl we are going to after posting for sec skls so we'll noe which skl we are all going to. XD

Eg: #__ (index no.) - ____________ (secondary skl this person is going to)

After we go to sec skls, we shall keep in touch k? Then we can discuss for a day to go back to our new skl and visit CHIA AND YEO k? HAHAHA. I think we can go back when they celebrate CHINESE NEW YEAR and TEACHERS DAY. Besides these 2 days, other days are oso fine laa! It doesnt have to be a special day to visit them what. And anyway, do other EX-OLGCians bring gifts for teachers when they go back. I cant imagine everyone bringing oranges for their teachers. O.o HAHAHAHA. -.-



We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Saturday, November 25, 2006
5:56 PM


hey tiffi!u will surely get into raffles!HELLO?the cut-off point is 263 leh...they will have to accept you at all costs:)i also put RGS as my first choice,so maybe we'll be in the same class next year.haha but most probably not...coz too many ppl...ha.but hopefully so...

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Friday, November 24, 2006
6:15 PM


HELLO VANESSA (and everyone else)! Thanks for the compliment. ((: Help me say a THANKS to your sister too. She's really the one who has done us proud! 270 you know! :D I'm really thankful for all your CONGRATS! You're all so NICEEE! ((: HAHAHA! You all did your best and no matter what, you all deserve a TIME-OFF! ((: No matter what happens, we 6cherrytians are forever one! Your problem is mine, my problem is yours! HAHAHA! Just kidding! :D

AND to vanessa,
im not sure whether i can get into RAFFLES. i'll be putting it as first choice and NANYANG as second, but it was on the news that RAFFLES and NANYANG already submitted abt half the number of students for sec 1 through DSA. So maybe i wont get in cos they will surely pick the ppl wif 270+ first mah. )):

AND to the ppl hu are most probably going st nics,
i really want to go there you noe! so many of my good frens are going there (i think). *sad*


PS: everyone stay happy yeah! ((:

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

5:55 PM


Hi everyone:)congrats 2 all those who had done well for PSLE:)and for all those who did not do that well, cheer up.coz its not the end of the world.As long as you had done your best, nothing else matters. Audrey's right, PSLE is just a piece of paper.Well everyone, you have just entered a new chapter of your life,there are many more difficulties you will face in the future. In life, the path ahead is not as smooth as it may seem, but instead, filled with obstacles. No matter how hard it may be, we still have to persevere till the end and never give up. There will eventually come a day when we will finally reach the top and all our hard work will pay off. This is the day when you had achieved what you wanted etc. But despite all these examinations and good grades, what actually matters is your personality aka inner beauty. Haiz 4get about all these first. NINIPOOF!Congratulations!U really did our sch proud!My older sis says tat u're really really smart.4 A*s, distinction 4 HMT and top scorer in OLGC!Wow!So you going to raffles????

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

1:00 PM


hey 6 cherrytians... hope all of you did well... for all those who didn't... chill... there is always a secondary school for you.... my motto? play the cards God dealt to you.... maybe God didn't want you to go to that school.... or whatsoever... always remember... god knows what is going to happen... and we don't.... so leave it in Gods hands and you will do fine.... now im stuck between the choices of schools... and don't be stressed out no matter what... parents are your parents.... as long as you did your very best... your parents should be proud of you... a lot... the score does not really matter.... it is just an exam.... it is PAPER.... what you should really count is your character.... blah blah.... so don't frown anymore... just turn your frowns upside down into a smile.... haha.... well all the best for the choices you make and the posting and for everything in the future.... i wish all of you my friends the best.... why? because you deserve it more than anyone in the whole entire world..... remember this when you move on into the next stage of your life.... always be yourself ok? smartass people will be your friends... just like your friends and i were friends with you too! hey! SMILE!!!!!!!!! hope to see ya all soon....

once a 6 cherrytian, always a 6 cherrytian!

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Thursday, November 23, 2006
6:55 PM



Im also here to congrat you all. You have all done well just by surviving P6 life. :D Dont worry if you have not achieved the DESIRABLE result. Life continues. Lets all stay happy and enjoy our life till we meet again! LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH! ((:


PS to laura: o ya! i will kiss the wall the next time and can u go RAFFLES? ((:

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

4:55 PM


Just like to say,

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you Cherries&Teas for completing all your 6 years of Primary school. :D

CONGRATS again to Tiffany, Vanessa, Luo Rong, Xiang Ying, Amanda and Laura for getting 4 A*/reaching one of the top marks in our school. (:

To the others, including me, don't worry about your marks, whether it was satisfactory, not satisfactory, or whatever. This ain't the end of the world. Just enjoy your secondary school life as much as you can. After that, you can start over in JC/Poly ! :D Hah.

Another thing, ignore your parents (if they're disappointed in you or keeps scolding you, just like mine). They're jackasses. :P

My motto: Don't Let The Man Stop Ya From Doin' Your Thang (school of rock?). And in my situation, my parents, they're "The Man". DON'T LET THEM PULL YOU DOWN.

All the best,

P.S. I wonder why all the schools in I can/want to go to is so darn far away from my home. :\

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

2:23 PM


2moroe is results day!


let's pray that everyone will do well and have a HAPPY EVER AFTER. hiaz. we must all keep in contact k? it's a difficult thing cause sec life is tough and we wont be idling aroung anymore. )):

but with a bit of determination everything is possible. ((: just watch less tv. do homework faster (of course not doodle and anyhow do right). and shower faster (me too and who else? LAURA too!). yeah you geddit.

have fun. at least until u get ur results! ( no im not cursing u all) i really sincerely hope everyone does well. :D


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
8:00 PM


Hello Vanessa (: Welcome back ((: You need some advice? Hahaha, can come and ask me (: Though I don't know who ___ is?

Anyway, I feel like putting the graduation song in this blog. But it'll make some people, especially Larry cry laa ): Me too ))): Results tomorrow ): And we'll have to part for a looong time ))): Good luck everyone by the way!

Together Forever (:

And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day
Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of the night in June
I didn't know much of love, but it came too soon
And there was me and you, and then it got real blue
Stay at home talking on the telephone and
We would get so excited, we'd get so scared
Laughing at our selves thinking life's not fair
And this is how it feels

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, from whatever
We will still be, friends forever

So if we get the big jobs and we make the big money
When we look back now, will that joke still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule
Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?
Can Heather find a job that won't interfere with her tan?
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly
And this is how it feels

La, la, la, la; yeah, yeah, yeah
La, la, la, la, we will still be friends forever

Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there? Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men
Will the past be a shadow that will follow us round?
Will these memories fade when I leave this town
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly

If you people want the graduation song to be on the blog, tell me (: Comments people.

** And yes Tiffany, I didn't pronounce MEAL as MEW. -.-

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

1:13 PM


Hi everyone:)Juz reached Singapore at 3am on Mon. Experiencing terrible jet lag.Woah results out tmr...very anxious!!!U noe something, i juz can't understand why it takes such a long time for one person to forgive another for his or her misdoings. Sometimes u can't even bring yourself to face that person. Haiz, life is full of unpleasant stuff. I'm in desperate need of some advice!!!!!!!!(about the whole business of ________ and me. )I'm like so pissed last time but now,i'm feeling sort of uneasy.*sniff sniff*.Its true...Life is full of ups and downs.I wanna end my feud wif her!Any suggestions? btw, i miss being in sch wif u guys and having so much fun. May the lord bless you always wif good health and happiness and may all your dreams come true.
PS:Best of luck for tmr!!!

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

10:26 AM


hey everyone! thanks to those who came for the party... sorry it was soooo boring... thought BBQ was supposed to eat and eat and eat... ya... anyway... to everyone else... shall copy qian yi's idea... haha... hope you don't mind qian yi!

#1-- alison: thanks for being a great xiao mei! haha... and killing us by making us laugh a lot...
#2-- amanda: thanks for being such a great friend and prefect in this school! and shhhhh...
#4--cassandra: thanks for kicking my chair a lot! (: and for spreading your politeness!
#5--celestine: thanks for being so kind as to lend me your colour pens all the time!
#6-- josephine: thanks for being a nice tall friend... you motivated me to jump a lot to be as tall as you!
#7--charmaine: thanks for being so holy and for influencing me to be as holy as you.
#8-- melissa: thanks for letting laura and i irritate you so much! hope you didn't mind!
#9-- faith: thanks for being so happy most of the times... great smile! keep it up!
#10-- gloria: thanks for showing me how to be perfect in appearance wise...
#11-- melanie: thanks for being a fellow brownie who loves gong... you taught me endurance! (:
#12-- xiang ying: thanks for hugging me so many times... i really need those hugs! hugs
#13-- jia yi: thanks for being so playful and giving me loads of ideas on how to scare my sisters!
#14-- jia hui: thanks for your smiles and optimism! you taught me to never ever frown! even when you are being scolded.
#15-- kristal tai: thanks for being such a wonderful partner to sit beside! you made me laugh a lot!
#16--krystal kwan: thanks for being so funky and happy! you brought joy into my life!
#17-- lizzie lai: thanks for smiling and making funny faces!
#18-- larissa: thanks for not killing me when i slept on the phone! i was soo embarassed! grin
#19-- laura: thanks for everything you did for me! i wish you good luck with mr X.
#20-- vanessa: thanks for being a good role model! you go girl!
#21-- renia: thanks for being such a wonderful mei mei and a great friend! thanks for the card and present! love you to bits!
#22--yi ting: thanks for being the roly one! we, 6 charuty, couldn't have done it without your laughter!
#23-- cheryl lim aka si ren tou: thanks for everything you done for me!
#24-- crystal lim: thanks for coming and thanks for making me laugh!
#25--sophia: thanks for being my partner! i can't believe im shorter than you!
#26--luo rong: thanks for motivating me to study as hard as you!
#27-- mackie: thanks for smiling! i smile more too!
#28--marian: thanks for being so sweet! and for being a fellow brownie!
#29-- qian yi aka da jie: thanks for being my da jie and grow taller! you will grow one la! believe me! ohhh... thanks for the sims password!
#30--rochelle: thanks for being the prim and proper one in the class! keep on fighting for what you believe in!
#31--hsiao wei: thanks for your sweetness and kindness! i couldn't have done without it!
#32--sharu: thanks for always being there!
#33-- jeannie: thanks for being so friendly to me and everyone else!
#34-- tan min: thanks for being like a mother to us!
#35-- hao wen: thanks for being so nice and friendly and kind and sweet and so tame?
#36-- wei shan: thanks for lending us chopsticks when we were in shanghai! and for being my 6 years best friends... we still know sharu's deepest secrets!!!
#37--pei shan aka er jie: thanks for being my er jie and taking care of me in china! god bless!
#38-- tiffi gui: thanks for being a perfectionist! sorry for the offensive T.G.I.F magnet! but to me it means Tiffany Gui Is Fantastic!
#39-- si min: thanks for being the happy one and the very optimistic girl! and the very happy brownie who also loves GONG! i still say lu better than xing! (:

i just wanna say a BIG THANKS to everyone in this entire class! you have played a very important part in my life! just remember that I LOVE YOU ALL TO BITS AND PIECES AND THAT I WANT ALL OF YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL INALL THAT YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU ALL ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this morning when the lord opened a window to heaven, he saw me and asked, "My child, what is your greatest wish for today?" i responded, "Lord, please take care of the person who is reading this post,her family and her special friends. she deserves it and i love her very much." Gods love is like the ocean, you can see it's beginning but never its end.
the above message was sent to me by my darling cousin, angeline.

~loads of love:

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Monday, November 20, 2006
11:59 AM


okays, just wanna start off by saying that i really miss all of you! i mean, school holidays are totally boring! ive got absolutely nothing to do at home! going to school is way better. at least can see all of you! hais, but i guess ill have to get use to life like this, cause after thursday, ill probably never see all of you again... )): unless, of course, we go to the same school lah... but thats not really possible, since most people will wanna go to schools like rgs, nanyang and all that. but, im gonna go st nicks, unless im so lan that i cant even get 216. hahahaha. anyways, all the best to all of you. may happiness follow you everywhere you go! now, to just thank you people!

alison, continue your journey as a talented actress;
amanda, continue your journey as a great singer;
audrey, continue being a great role model for all;
cassandra, continue being a great sports player;
celestine, continue doing what you think is right;
josephine, continue working towards success;
charmaine, continue singing your heart out;
melissa, continue being a great artist;
faith, continue being a bundle of happiness;
gloria, continue following your heart;
melanie, continue fighting for what you believe in;
xiangying, continue achieving;
jiayi, continue pulling those pranks of yours;
jiahui, continue working hard towards your goal;
kristal, continue drawing like a pro;
krystal, continue spreading your smile;
lizzy, continue making those faces of yours;
larissa, continue spreading ghost stories;
laura, continue doing what you love;
vanessa, continue studying hard and doing your best for everything;
renia, continue screaming like siao and making me laugh;
yiting, continue spreading your laughter;
cheryl, continue making friends;
crystal, continue trying to scare people;
sophia, continue being a trustworthy person;
luorong, continue studying and topping the class;
mackie, continue doing your best;
marian, continue putting your effort into all that you do;
rochelle, continue being a great leader;
hsiaowei, continue being sweet and smart;
sharu, continue being a great badminton player;
jeannie, continue being nice to everyone;
tanmin, continue caring about everybody;
haowen, continue studying and achieving;
peishan, continue being sensible;
weishan, continue being a kai xin guo;
tiffany, continue being a perfectionist;
simin, continue cheering everyone up;

sorry for the super duper long post. all the best in the future, 6 cherrytians! ill see you all on thursday! good luck!!!


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

10:35 AM


Hey Hao Wen, don't have to thx us 4 singing a birthday song... That's wat we shud do... I mean, we always sing b'dae songs 4 every1... N its a pity I can't go 2 Audrey's bbq... I wonder if we can organise another one... >.< Second thing.. can't blieve T-fany cried!!! Didn't see her do that but lizzy lai n laura cry until like OMG... nvr see em do that b4. n i thought that laura was always a happy-go-lucky person n always so optimistic... k, anyway, yesterday during the Awards Night, when we were all leaving, Yi Ting was crying like she's gonna go to hell any min n I heard her say that I'd neva cry (like duh!!!). I mean, every1's gonna graduate some day or other n wat's the point of crying... we can still keep in touch in msn wat... Wat the freakin hell... Btw, yesterday's food was so er... urghhhh... esp the sushi. but the fried rice was nice... Oh ya, I asked the 2 teachers (the one in our pA55M0rb, hahax). k. Mrs Chia complained that my pen no ink... o.O n ymm didn't sign lor. she juz wrote some words of encouragement, (but i tink that's betta)... Fewwwww ppl took pic wif ymm, like renia, pei shan n crystal, i think... The whole night was so dammn freakin nice except the prize giving part and the granny awards thingy... (whick was like so BORING!!! DUH...) i was like tokin there all the time n cant even be bothered to clap except 4 our class ppl. haha... so evil... >.-...n im so glad mrs seah joined us 4 the foto takin, den like all our t-chers took the pic wif us. n oh ya, T-fanny's father's so much humour, make us laugh untill stomachaches... a pity some ppl went 4 holidays...
K... i gonna download all my fotos, but some turn out so blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Saturday, November 18, 2006
12:18 PM


-Hao Wen

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

8:04 AM


Hey 6cherrytians!

Im sooo sad that skl has ended n we will be parted. Today im so emo! It's like, one moment im sad and one moment im crazy. -.-

Today a lot of sixcherrytians cry, me too. So sad luh! But i dont understand. I mean, crying on this day is normal laa. But some ppl are so happy-go-lucky. Never even make sad mouth [ this one--> ): ]. WTH. Anyway, laura was so sad. Her eyes were like all red and teary and she couldnt stop crying. I think i like the happy laura more. It's so heart-breaking. ))': Laura, please promise to not cry like that again, im so dying! N YOU PPL TOO! ( those hu cried )

Then i, audrey, renia, asiah and selina went to j8. We ( me renia audrey ) watched STEP UP while they ( asiah selina ) watched MATERIAL GIRLS. It was damn nice lah ( STEP UP )! Budden got this guy called SKINNY die. Then i went emo again. -.- After that, we went KFC. And me and renia and audrey couldnt decide what to eat. Then i n renia got BANDITO POCKETT ( how to spell? ) MEAL n audrey got CHEESE FRIES. And this crappy ms renia lek go n pronouce meal as mewww and everyone was laughing madly n the waiter ( or wad!? ) of the KFC thingie was like DIAO. So it's like WTH!

Then i n renia follow audrey go see cds. SELINA n ASIAH go popular bookshop. Audrey couldnt find the MCFLY CD so we went to MINITOONS and audrey bought sweets. -.- There was this freaky vampire teeth sweet n renia n audrey were trying to be VAMPIRES. -.- We went to the neoprint taking place but too lazy to take neoprints so we juz seat inside the machine thingie and renia n audrey were faking vampires again! -.- After that renia use her hp n took picture of the 3 of us lah. i oso got take she and her VAMPIRE TEETH using her phone. Unfortunately, my camera got no more batt. After that, renia asiah n selina wen home. N audrey needed to go home too. So i sen her down n toked to her abt my freakin life n how my frens in OLGC was important coz i cant tell my parents a thing n i can only tell my closest frens. WTH.

Then i walked around j8 like a zombie n finally got damn bored n went home. so yar. That was how it went. But the skl part is sooooooo sad! I HATE CRYING LIKE THAT. BUT I COULDNT CONTROL MYSELF LAH! IT'S THE SADDEST DAY!

Anyway, wish u all best of luck in ur yrs to come. May the good LORD bless you. ((:


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Thursday, November 16, 2006
10:52 PM


OMG i can't find my camera. It's called a disposable camera. Once you use it, you throw away!! I don't have a digital camera cos I'm lazy to press here press there.. i think camera shops are closed for now.. WHAT AM I GONNA DO WHAT AM I GONNA DO WHAT AM I GONNA DO WHAT AM I GONNA DO WHAT AM I GONNA DO..

And a big thank you to all six cherrytians !!keep in touch!!

*Krystal Krystal!* Audrey i can go!!
- gone to find the camera- pictures are to be uploaded later...

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
10:23 PM


YAY AUDREY! My parents say should be able to go laa! Anyway, im so damned bored. And this freakin blog is getting less and less active. Looks like what i predicted is coming true [ jkjk! ]. I hope it wont lah. Eh! You 6cherrytians! Post something laa! Now it's lik the blog is getting boring-er. -.- i know there is no such word. And i would lik to say something about GOONG ( Princess Hours ). I have never watched the stupid show, but everyone ( almost ) are like OBSESSED with it! So stupid laa. I have no idea what it is about. But it seems lik...lik wadeva! AND URGH! I HATE MY MUM! SHE'S SO STUPID! she's lik breaking her every stupid promise! STUPID!!! forget it! she's is just brainless! ending here.

TIFFANY aka PINK POOF. [ bad day ]

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

8:25 PM


hey! since we don't have a proper graduation... i am having a BBQ at my house especially for us... it will be on the 19th of november 2006 from 5 pm to 9 pm at my house... 51 portchester ave singapore 556333. if you can make it, please call me at 62887572 or sms me at 98772279. please reply soon as my parents need to buy enough food! it is on a sunday night!!! please come ok?
~Audrey... waiting for your replies!

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

4:53 PM


Thursday, 16 November 2006, is Picture Day !


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Monday, November 13, 2006
10:26 PM


YAYA. pei shan. wadeva! u r so O.o

abt the OUTING, i didnt mn invite the WHOLE class. but the ppl wif time of course. abt the venue. i have no idea. maybe have a survey n see where everyone agrees on. o well. TATA!


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Thursday, November 09, 2006
4:17 PM


tiffany, u r wrong.. u dun not win as i did not say whatever.. anyway, dun wana quarrel with u now.. actually, i think that organising a class outing is easier said den done.. first, we hav to c if everyone can make out time n secondly, de place eh? u think finding a space for 41 people( including ymm n mrs chia) is very easy meh? oh ya. btw, tiffany, oni a mother would tok sense into a person n fyi, im not a mother, qy is.. yesterday, me n sofy had already got her point but den she kept repeating.. aww.. isn't she so naggy n sweet lyk a mom.. lol.. anyways, im real bored at home now.. how unlucky, my bro has a flu too n i have to stay at home with him.. ): if no one objects, i shall add krystal's blog as a link..

--> peishan

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

11:23 AM



ya lah. my last post is sarcastic ( ya ya. i agree wif u, RENIA ) however, if we r really able to organise outings, it would be great. (: i mn, it will be our LAST GET TOGETHER. i do wish that we wun 4get 1 another but is happens without u noeing. TIME CONSTRAINS *sigh*. the flea market sales are going quite well too. my grp's FLUFF BALL are really something. however, i still agree on the fact that skl now is a total waste of precious time. O.o aniwae, nothing much in skl today. on the skl bus i was telling MELA a lame joke abt earthworms. -_-' HAO WEN and SI MIN were also on the bus so they shud noe. o well. i'll try to keep up wif 6 CHARITY '06 news after p6. TTFN! <-- TATA FROM NOW. HAO WEN told me that. X))


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Wednesday, November 08, 2006
10:08 PM


hey pple!oh ya firstly thanks for the class photo renia really nice, especially the sheeps n secondly for this great idea. SUPER bored right now so thought that i would pos a bit.recently i have been watching happy tree friend videos dam nice lor but violent haha.if u wanna watch go to www.happytreefriends.com and click watch episodes!! have funn :D -yiting, the roly one

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

2:15 PM


TIFFANY GUI! You sound super-duper sarcastic man! I mean like, ahh, whatever. You 6Cians should at least try not to forget about this fun class, or even this blog. Or maybe must? Eh, but even if I say must, people will still forget so try is a little worst but somehow they don't differ. Anyway, just pretend like I've never EVER said that sentence, I'm just oh-so-bored, PARDON ME. :D (?) Oh, shh Renia. (Talking to myself again! "What the hell?" :D)

Yeah. Can we have an outing? To sentosa or something! :D On the first week of hols? Please? (:

7 days more! ):

I'm super glad the blog, especially the tagboard's active laa. (:


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

1:26 PM


WOAH. seriously, though a class blog is a good idea, i think it is seriously lame lah. i mn, this blog is so gonna be abandoned by next yr. surely by then everyone forget abt tis blog liao, except MS RENIA LEK, the creater of this wonderful blog. I noe that everyone here in 6C r nice ppl, but when we go to secondary skls, we will definitely forget abt one another sooner or later. MISS PEI SHAN here is reading what im typing and MISS SI MIN too. MS PEI SHAN saes that we will still tok on msn, but i said that we wont have much things to tok abt if we r not in the same skl and we will be DRIFTING APART. she agreed. HAHA! i win! THEN, MS PEI SHAN saes we can organise outings n i said hu will have time aniwae, then she said O YA. SO... i win again! MUAHAHAHA!!!! im so lame. MS PEI SHAN is trying to tok sense into me rite now. O WELL.

hey. y dun u ppl specify which skl u wanna go next time u post. WISH YOU PPL BEST OF LUCK! Countdown: 15 days till the result dae for PSLE. tata.


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

8:01 AM


awww... our days together are getting shorter... which means that we need to seperate soon... i'll miss all of you funky gals... let's have yearly class gathering... we'll make this year count.... and may our friendship last till death parts us... remember.. always be yourself... smart people like your friends will like you for who you are... why do you think im friends with you? good luck in whatever you do... hope this blog will remain the connection between us! SIX CHERRYTEA WAN SUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

audrey here :D
(Audrey! I typed for you! I'm RENIAAA-!)

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Monday, November 06, 2006
7:18 PM


okays, first time im posting on class blog... anyways, my first post is gonna be about what happened today... we went back to the new school today... we actually had to memorise the route of the school cause some of us are tour guides, like me... so unlucky... what i dont get is, why the hell must our class be split up and people take different buses there? i mean, we ARE charity class right? we have the most people in the whole P6 level eh! and of all people, mrs chia MUST pick on me to go to another bus, along with a few other people of course... i felt like using a VOODOO DOLL to poke her lorh... she was so freaking irritating. seperate our class... the new school pratically sucked. charity and faith class are connected lorh. and the building was painted yellow and orange. O.o what the hell. what kinda school is painted that way? it looks so damn weird lah! and the school is actually quite big! the hall was sooooo big! and next years prefects were gonna be so lucky, or at least vanessa said so. i SERIOUSLY doubt it. i mean, yeah, we dont get to use the new school... but like mrs chia said, we must be positive! :D so the positive thing is, we dont have to listen to mrs seahs boring lecture anymore, we dont have to see or listen to mrs chia nag anymore! isnt that good news? it is to me! urgh... mrs chia is seriously irritating! well actually, ironically, mrs seah is more irritating. cause mrs seah asked mrs chia to tell us to do stupid reflections. so basically, both of them are equally stupid... hope im not offending any guai guai chong here horh... even if i am, i dont really care :D! anyways, anyone dissatisfied can come murder me or whatever in class. okays, me, signing off.

-qianyi, dont anyhow use my name on your posts and write crappy stuff horh!

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

6:23 PM


I seriously dont understand WHY do we have to do so many reflections?? Ok...it's nice to reflect in our mind but it's not nice to write it out! What's the purpose of that anyway? Now that school is coming to an end, it seems that we have got lots of things to do. When we finally finish those things, do we still have time to bid farewell?
2 more weeks and school's gonna end but im sure our friendship will nvr end :) (I cant believe i actually said this)
-Hao Wen

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

5:45 PM


Hey! We [6 Charity] really muz thx Renia for all this hard work! Haha~ Cant blieve she even temporary "abandon" her blog... B!3Ah... Anyway, hope we can keep in touch 4eva n so happy N SAD, we're visiting the new school but cant use it. nvm... 2 look on the brighter side, @ least we cn be ushers (2 THE P1s to P5s) >.<... Aww... How sad... Btw, hope tt u will all tag more... Unexpectant: Cheryl... 1505

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Sunday, November 05, 2006
3:05 PM


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
From left to right:
Top row: Kristal, Haowen, Renia, Charmaine, Josephine, Tiffany, Cheryl, Alison, Laura, Elizabeth and Sophia.
Middle row: Jia Hui, Tan-Min, Wei Shan, Marian, Cassandra, Si Min, Krystal, Jeannie, Faith, Rochelle, Melissa, Larissa, Yiting, Peishan and Crystal.
Bottom row: Amanda, Audrey, Sharumathi, Celestine, Qian Yi, Vanessa, Yang Lao Shi, Mrs. Seah, Mrs. Chia, Xiang Ying, Jia Yi, Mackenzie, Gloria, Hsiao Wei, Luo Rong and Melanie.


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Saturday, November 04, 2006
3:44 PM


hey friends!! sorry can't use white cannot see, sorry ah got bad eyesight here oh no catching the "SORRY" syndrome from cassie n gang haha. hey if u wanna put photos feel free and make this blog more umm nicer.wah 6 years liao gonna leave boring OLGC hooray and BOO! cause i'm gonna miss u all so much it hurts haha.hey luckily msn was invented so we can stay in touch.posted cause i m sooo dam bored *yawn* well Tan-min is already leaving there is no chance of retaking the class photo cause the other one was umm disgusting my eyes were closed gonna miss u all :( even thought some of u have only been my friend for 2 years u will still be in my heart as my friends forever. keep in touch!!! and listen to my humps !seeya! ... KUNJU!
-yiting ;the roly one :)

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

2:42 PM


TAN-MIN'S LEAVING FOR CANADA TOMORROW! ): She's only coming back on the PSLE results day ): Tan-Min ):! Have fun in Canada though! All of us will miss you badly! ):

Can't write in my autograph book! ): Nevermind. I'll definitely remember my since-primary-one friend :D Have fun!

Yes people, do change to the correct timing after you've posted. Thanks& tata.


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Friday, November 03, 2006
9:59 PM


I've changed the timestamp to the correct time. This ain't LA.

Mel C. -.O

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

8:46 PM


note from lizzeh: try to understand this post ! :D its in total twitspeak. even the way i phrased the thing. HURHURHUR [from melleh].


hiiehiie~ m0ii g0iiN t0 tYp3 liiK3sH tWiiT 4 n0W kaex ?? tHaNkx t0o r3niiA 4 mAkiiNg tHiisHh bL0g 4 uS ! tH3R piiX shH0 fUnnii3 w0Rx~! alL mUsHh cUm [O_O] h3R3 2 p0St uNtiiL...4eV3rz laA...kaeex ? (:

3vEriie1 mUshH hAv3 fArRn n0 mAtt3R h0W bAd h3R r3sULtz aR3 kaez ?? siix cH3rRytiiAnSh mUshH sTiicK t0g3tH3r n0 mAtt3R wAt !!

m0ii gTg l3Rx...bUt, aiiY0, r3niiA, tH3r sKiin 0rF tHiisH bL0G shH0 sAd 0n3...cHaNg3 t0o hAppii3R 0n3 cAn ??



JUST A LITTLE TREAT FOR YOU ! prepare to see the ugliest man on earth.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

8:35 PM


ok hey hey ppl.
this is so totally miss renia lek's idea. the rest of us p6 charitians have nothing to do with this. haha. anyway. last few days to spend with each other. so sad. i'm gonna cry soon. ok to all 6charitians out there, I LOVE you guys. (i mean girls) must always stick 2gether and and must always remember each other.
to all those ppl whom i have had a cold war with (haha, audey i copy you say cold war) so sorry. really i'm really very sorry. keep in touch with all those friends you have made during this 6 years in beautiful yet sometimes boring CHIJ-OLGC!
must remember all the good times too. just do your thing. dunt let anyone stop you from running yor own life cause the only person that can run yor life is you.

love the crazy hyper girl- Laura
PS: i didn't take drugs k. haha. (:

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

7:18 PM


Yo. The pw for this blog thing is so weird...-.O ANYway. URGH what to type?! Let's sing [type] the lyrics for MY HUMPS !!

What u gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk?
I'ma get get get get u drunk, get u love drunk off my hump.



Okay.Being lame.But who cares.IM ON A HIGH !! After the past two moody days. Anyway, Vanessa's sweets are so WOW that I'm addicted to them.-_-" Darn u Vanessa's sweets !! Ea. bag costs 70c. Oh yeah. I cant ADVERTISE !! -_-"

"nothing is more than $1 except the notebook.comes with FREE balloon -.O chocs are for sale too, so u chocoholics BUY FRM MY STORE !! it's cheeeap."


OKAY.-_-" ANYWAY.I'm so bored.And Gloria's tagboard is one of the funniest tagboards I've ever read.

S A Y O N A R A .
Mel C.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

7:07 PM


Six-Cherrytea-06 rocks your socks (: Her socks, his socks, our socks, their socks, its socks too (:

Any 6Cherryteans want the user and the password for this blog? ASK ME! :D


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

5:50 PM