We are 6 Charity ★

"We're the 39 6Charity girls of the 2006 batch from CHIJ OLGC.

We'd stay together, for as long as we can.
Yes, there are 0 boys. So what!"

Blog created on November 3 2006,
Last Update: November 21 2007.

39 Girls/0 Boys ★

Form teacher: Yang Lao Shi :D
Assist. Form teacher: Mrs. Agnes Chia :D

1. Alison Marie Lee Cheng Hei
{Paya Lebar Methodist Girls'}
2. Amanda Teo Wei Chien
{Nanyang Girls'}
3. Audrey Tay Hui Yi
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
4. Cassandra Tho Xin Yu
{Cedar Girls'}
5. Celestine Ng Qian Hui
{Singapore Chinese Girls'}
6. Chan Yuet Huey Josephine
{NUS High}
7. Charmaine Wee Shu Yun
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
8. Chua Qian Lin Melissa
{Presbyterian High}
9. Faith Lim Fei Ying
{Chung Cheng High (Main)}
10. Gloria Kho Shi Hui
{Cedar Girls'}
11. Heng Yiting Melanie
{CHIJ St Joseph's Convent}
12. Ho Xiang Ying
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
13. Huin Jia Yi
{Kuo Chuan Presbyterian}
14. Khong Jia Hui
{Ang Mo Kio Secondary}
15. Kristal Tai Ting Ting
{Presbyterian High}
16. Krystal Kwan Hui Yun
{Zhong Hua Secondary}
17. Lai Yan Li Elizabeth
{Crescent Girls'}
18. Larissa Andrea Teo
{St Anthony Canossian}
19. Laura Kuan Yi Hua
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
20. Lee Si Jin Vanessa
{Raffles Girls' Secondary}
21. Lek Li Ying Renia
{Chung Cheng High (Main)}
22. Liew Yi Ting
{Tanjong Katong Girls' Secondary}
23. Lim Ru Min Cheryl
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
24. Lim Shi Ting Crystal
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
25. Lin De Lu Sophia
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
26. Luo Rong
{Dunman High}
27. Mackenzie Rae Schoon
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
28. Marian Ng Si Lin
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
29. Ooi Qian Yi
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
30. Rochelle Sim Poh Yun
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
31. Seah Hsiao Wei
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
32. Sharumathi Manogaran
{CHIJ St Joseph's Convent}
33. Siong Li Qing Jeannie
{Nan Chiau Secondary}
34. Tan-Min
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
35. Teng Hao Wen
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
36. Teo Wei Shan
{Kuo Chuan Presbyterian}
37. Thiam Pei Shan
{CHIJ Katong Convent Secondary}
38. Tiffany Gui
{Raffles Girls' Secondary}
39. Yee Si Min
{Nanyang Girls'}

Glamour Asses ★

YAmanda YAudrey YCassandra YJosephine YMelissa YKrystal YLarissa YRenia YYi Ting YCrystal YSophia YQian Yi YHao Wen YWei Shan YPei Shan

Make Noise! ★

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i love the skin!
oh my.
i can't wait to meet all of you guys again!
it has been one full year...
i love you guys!
and yes, we can live without guys. really.
take me!
i am still too cool to have boyfriends. (:
love ya pretty babes!
your friend, the princess.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Monday, November 26, 2007
9:12 PM


it is a really long time since i post,erm actually is the first post?cause i kind of don't noe the class blog username and address so now i know i come and post.i really miss the days in six charity cause is fun everyday we are bound to have something funny happened that make us all laugh if you put aside the unhappy stuffs.haha.i really hope there is a class outing to let us get together again!haha.misss you all.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Friday, November 23, 2007
12:11 PM


Hey y'all pretty babes & no hunks :D

It's been sucha long long time since I last posted something here.
Oh yes I've the changed the blogskin cos' I'm so sick of the previous one ): Hope you people won't mind, and hope you guys would forgive me cos' it looks like my own blogskin, baaah. Yup anyway, I'm gna change the top 3 pics the I♥6C one cos' it looks pretty weird.

Does anyone have a picture of the entire class? Please send it to me on MSN thanks! Don't send me one that's of thumbnail size okay, lol.

Heh heh, really looking forward in meeting y'all soon. Fred Claus then shopping is that okay? Reply on tagboard thanks a lot! Please do so if you've got prettier suggestions :) Take care my sweetie pies!

Xoxo, Renia :D

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Thursday, November 22, 2007
6:00 PM


it's holiday now but im really really gonna be bored to death.
and we have holiday homework. but no mood to do lah.
and test when sch starts!! ):
sorry havent been here for quite long.
anyway i cant wait to 'fly' to taiwan :D
really short post :/

-hao wen-

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Saturday, November 03, 2007
8:34 PM


yay. im back.
just for therecord, dream street rocks.
ok. er...
i am going to put the linkie for alison's blog
and you all MUST go and do the poll.
it is funny.
er. for me.
i really don't wanna grow up.
life's a bitch then.
cause you have to wake up early to go to work and come back in the evening
feeling dead tired.
and then you sleep cause the next day is going to be like that too.
i mean.
what is the point of getting a small job NOW anyway.
i just wanna enjoy life.
and go out.
but where am i going to get the money?
not my parents.
so i was 'forced' to work.
for my aunty.
well oh well...
i mean. if i wanna go out, i must have money right?
and i get no off days.
so there you have it.
i don't wanna grow up.
anyway, better do my stuff before i have to go work.
i hate the person who invented money.
princess audrey

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Friday, November 02, 2007
10:28 AM


woah. it has been so long since the last post.
so here i am to post and keep this blog updated. haha
i feel so lame. =.=
do all of you wanna meet up and go back to olgc?
cause i tried to go back on monday but...
they are still having exams.
so they don't allow us to go in.
so mean right?
since tiffany and vanessa going back on the 15th,
you all wanna go back?
of course i am still going back with sharu i think.
i'll confirm the details.
any of you know ALL the details, must post.
my mummy wanna check her shares already.
so i really got to go. haha!
see ya!
princess audrey (:
p.s. what happened to our create post the top?
why no font; the lines thingy?
should go already

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Thursday, November 01, 2007
9:35 AM