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"We're the 39 6Charity girls of the 2006 batch from CHIJ OLGC.

We'd stay together, for as long as we can.
Yes, there are 0 boys. So what!"

Blog created on November 3 2006,
Last Update: November 21 2007.

39 Girls/0 Boys ★

Form teacher: Yang Lao Shi :D
Assist. Form teacher: Mrs. Agnes Chia :D

1. Alison Marie Lee Cheng Hei
{Paya Lebar Methodist Girls'}
2. Amanda Teo Wei Chien
{Nanyang Girls'}
3. Audrey Tay Hui Yi
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
4. Cassandra Tho Xin Yu
{Cedar Girls'}
5. Celestine Ng Qian Hui
{Singapore Chinese Girls'}
6. Chan Yuet Huey Josephine
{NUS High}
7. Charmaine Wee Shu Yun
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
8. Chua Qian Lin Melissa
{Presbyterian High}
9. Faith Lim Fei Ying
{Chung Cheng High (Main)}
10. Gloria Kho Shi Hui
{Cedar Girls'}
11. Heng Yiting Melanie
{CHIJ St Joseph's Convent}
12. Ho Xiang Ying
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
13. Huin Jia Yi
{Kuo Chuan Presbyterian}
14. Khong Jia Hui
{Ang Mo Kio Secondary}
15. Kristal Tai Ting Ting
{Presbyterian High}
16. Krystal Kwan Hui Yun
{Zhong Hua Secondary}
17. Lai Yan Li Elizabeth
{Crescent Girls'}
18. Larissa Andrea Teo
{St Anthony Canossian}
19. Laura Kuan Yi Hua
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
20. Lee Si Jin Vanessa
{Raffles Girls' Secondary}
21. Lek Li Ying Renia
{Chung Cheng High (Main)}
22. Liew Yi Ting
{Tanjong Katong Girls' Secondary}
23. Lim Ru Min Cheryl
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
24. Lim Shi Ting Crystal
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
25. Lin De Lu Sophia
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
26. Luo Rong
{Dunman High}
27. Mackenzie Rae Schoon
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
28. Marian Ng Si Lin
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
29. Ooi Qian Yi
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
30. Rochelle Sim Poh Yun
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
31. Seah Hsiao Wei
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
32. Sharumathi Manogaran
{CHIJ St Joseph's Convent}
33. Siong Li Qing Jeannie
{Nan Chiau Secondary}
34. Tan-Min
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
35. Teng Hao Wen
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
36. Teo Wei Shan
{Kuo Chuan Presbyterian}
37. Thiam Pei Shan
{CHIJ Katong Convent Secondary}
38. Tiffany Gui
{Raffles Girls' Secondary}
39. Yee Si Min
{Nanyang Girls'}

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Hello people! (:

Haven't been posting for a LONG LONG LONG LONG time liao. HEHE. Im here to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR . :D

Anyway, I would like to comment on RGS. So far, theres NOTHING GOOD about that school to me. -.-

1) RGS's teachers are super strict and ugly ( i think )
2) RGS got so many different uniforms im getting stressed thinking which im supposed to wear and it'll be embarrassing if i wear the wrong set of uniform to school. -.-
3) You have to change after PE in RGS.
4) The toilet is super SMALL and DIRTY and STINKY in RGS.
5) RGS's textbooks are SO DAMN THICK!
6) I couldnt get to make any friends in RGS. ):

Urgh. Heck cares.

Everyone stay happy horh! TILL WE MEET AGAIN! :D


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Monday, December 25, 2006
1:25 PM



I know what you're thinking, "WHY?"


1. The uniform is totally HIDEOUS. I mean, who the heck matches YELLOW with BLUE ?! And they make the skirt SO FREA-KIN LONG. I look like a freakin' hot-air balloon in the uniform !!

2. The school is big, but it's like going to break down soon. When they brought us to the classroom, the desks were like SUPER WORN OUT. It's like, 2 years ago, people CARVED on the desks. Or just wrote in liquid paper.

"♥ MY DARLING. (="

Or they just carved MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY LINES onto the desks.

The desks are like those open up ones. Like lift the top, then inside can keep stuff.

3. My classmates are either SUPER TOOT, SUPER STUCK UP OR SUPER QUIET.

There were these 2 girls, I heard them talking about MYSTIC BEINGS and MYSTERIOUS DISEASES. Like, WHAT THE *BEEP* ?!

4. I have 2 form teachers, one man and one lady. The lady's voice is like SUPER HIGH, SUPER SQUEAKY. I hear her talk for 30 sec can go crazy already.

That's all. OH YEAH, another thing.

At the back of the P.E. T-shirt, they printed "Crescentian" on top. Wanna see ?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There you go. By the way, I want to point out: DOESN'T THE FREAKIN CRESCENTIAN WORD LOOK LIKE THE WORD CHRYSENTAMUM. From far ?

I'm off the eat lunch.


P.S. I would like to thank everyone who gave me presents yesterday. ((: They're on display in my room ! But for RAY-KNEE-EARS Dove chocolate thing, I think it's almost finished. -.-

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Friday, December 22, 2006
12:26 AM


since the blog is dead, i shall post something for everyone to see !

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



Kindly Donated To The CherryTea Picture Fund,

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Friday, December 15, 2006
11:05 PM


O.o this blogger beta thing is so confusing. -.-

EH-NEE-WAY, i just came back from hokkaido yesterday at midnight and it was the worse flight EH-VEEEEEER.

i felt sick for the whole 8hours and when the plane started to land, i puked. -.-

i even lost 2kg just by vomiting like hell. ITS NOT A GOOD THING.

im taking like 6 pills a day to stop myself from vomiting, feeling nauseous or having headaches/ stomachaches.

the pills aint even workin. i still have to carry a puke bag with me EVERYWHERE. -.-


i should be able to go to vanessas party thing. i cant believe you have EIGHT FREAKIN TOILETS, vanessa !! richie. -.-

i gotta go and bathe now. SEEYA. ((:




The Crappertier,

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Sunday, December 10, 2006
10:02 PM


OOH I SEE VANESSA. Nvm lah. Its alright if we cant play no 6, just a suggestion. ((: Anyway, I wonder where everyone's gone to. -.- Please come and post, the blog is going inactive again. ):

By the way, I hate my new version of Internet. My mum updated the stupid thing and now the whole internet version changed. ( where's the TOOLBAR? ) O.o


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Saturday, December 09, 2006
11:09 AM


hello ppl and tiffany!:)well tiffany, okay u may think i'm siao to hav 8 toilets in my house but then i'm not the contractor or the architect, so either of them is siao,not me:)haha...i hav an idea,why don't we don't game no. 6 coz i don't think my parents will allow?sorry tiffany....and hey others out there!!!i need your replies soon!!!

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Friday, December 08, 2006
1:11 PM


Yeah hello vanessa and all the rest. Ooh, haha. No lah, the post was no big, i was just bored, a good way to use time. :D

Regarding your questions, I thought about it. Im not sure what the others think, but i'll give a bit more suggestions. HAHA. ((:

About no. 6, if the VICTIM cant guess the food for the first 2 times, we can give her clues so it wont be embarrassing. Haha. If she really cant get it after 3 tries, she'll have to play TRUTH OR DARE with the others. The other ppl will discuss what to question her. Of course, we wont want anyone to be unhappy at the party, so i think we shouldnt restrict them on what they choose, truth or dare. To decide on the victim, we can bring in another party game. SPIN THE BOTTLE! yay! HAHAHA. Everyone will sit in a circle and the VICTIM will be selected. HEHE. Of cos, you might not have enough dishes to let everyone play that game. So when all the dishes have been tried, we'll start EATING. :D This means that each dish can only be tried once, and once that dish is tried, the number representing that dish will be cancelled out. And the VICTIMS to come can only choose the numbers which previous VICTIMS have not selected. :D

And about the WATER BOMBS, yeah, it'll be good to play! HEHE. So everyone will play k? But for me personally, I cant be bothered to change. -.- So people, dont throw water bombs on my shirt. :P



We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Wednesday, December 06, 2006
7:27 PM


hi ppl!Tiffany, thanks 4 tat long post of yours and all of ur wonderful ideas. well personally,they are very wonderful but i've got a question to ask u(tiffany).it's regrading idea no.6. wat if tat 'victim' isn't able to guess wat food izzit,wat punishment or forefeit shall be given to her?and how do u decide who will be the 'victim'?and of course,everyone has to bring an extra set of clothes, towels and neccessary stuff:)regarding water bombs,pls do join in the fun whether u're swimming or not.and i have 8 toilets in my house,so u don't have to share wif anyone.and lastly,i will give out slips of paper to e whole class on the 21st december so tat they will noe about the gathering. and i like number 7 the best.coz tat is quite a nice way of saying goodbye even though saying goodbyes are one of the hardest things on earth.well ppl!hope to hear from u soon!!!

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

6:59 PM



The following is TO VANESSA LEE SI JING but it'll be good to read cos its one of my few suggestions for the party.

Hahaha. Ok Vanessa. I put that thing above cos i dont want any misunderstandings and from now on, all the YOU is this post will be refering to you ( vanessa ). i sound lame? O.o

Ok, to start off with. The party is a excellent idea, like i mentioned before. I appreciate it very much that you make time out of your schedule to bring 6cherrytea together once more. :D I do have a few suggestions for you. Not exactly party games etc, but just so that everything will be more PERFECT. :D I always like things to be perfect, although this aint my party. :/ I hope that others will also post their suggestions. (:

1) You said there will be a present exchange. I like that. Perphaps you should write down the names of the people on the paper only when they are present at the party. This way, there will be no confusion when someone takes a piece of paper with a name of someone whos not there. Im saying this cos a lot of times, people say they'll go to your party and end up staying at home.

2) I don't think that just by posting on this blog will allow everyone to know abt this party. I think its best you contact every individual personally or give out invitations on 21 dec when everyone meet. ((: Cos if you only do blogging, there surely will be very little replies, and the party may end up in smoke. )):

3) Water bombs eh? Original :D I like luh. But wont you get wet? And i tot only ppl who swim play with water bombs? -.- So are we swimming anot? And how many bathrooms do you have? You cant expect 2 people to shower together? EWWW. Unless we bring clothes? But everyone changing will take time, and time is very important at every occasion. If there is swimming, there will surely be people who arent swimming. You'll have to plan something for them to do. You cant just let them sit on couches and eat potato chips? O.o

4) Actually i thought TREASURE HUNT would be fun. To me, its not THAT childish. I mean, that is if you make it exciting! Of cos, you have to get your parents permission to play that. Im sure if we play that, your house MUST be involved. Just seperate us into grps, give each group different clues ( so they wont cheat ), leading them to more clues, and then find the final TREASURE. The grp that finds it first wins! AHAHAHAHA! -.-

5) We can have sport games too. Though its childish, but hey, its fun! :D Like you can seperate us into grps again, then every grp member will find a partner. AND THEIR LEGS WILL BE TIED TOGETHER! YAY! hahahahah. Then they'll have to run blah blah blah. You know the rest! :D This teaches teamwork ok! hahahaha!

6) You know, we can have fun with dinner too! :D You see, depending on what you cook, just let everyone see the food first and tell them the name of the dishes. Then, you have to give each dish a number and a VICTIM ( sixcherrytian ) will be selected. She has to choose a number, which means choosing a dish, but not knowing which one. As no one has tasted the food yet, take a bit of the food she chose and feed her, of cos with her eyes closed! Then, she has to guess which dish it is! Hahahahaha! So fun! :D When the game's finished, everyone can DIG IN! yay!

7) Last but not least, this idea will be the most meaningful. After the gift exchange at the end of the day, we can hold a session where we will pass cards around and write good points abt the owner of that card, like last time. (: Then it's BYE BYE. ))':

Ok thats some suggestions i have so far. Number 6 was my own crazy idea. The rest are just suggestions which people have come across. Im just reminding. :D I hope this party can be a success. I've put in a lot of effort to type this LONG post out. I just want to meet my friends again. ): i just cant say GOODBYE. I hope you appreciate this long post i've written everyone. :D You must also all suggest like me horh! hahah!


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Tuesday, December 05, 2006
11:14 PM


hi ppl!well larissa hope 2 hear from u soon:)and tiffany, nvm lah,it doesn't matter who u give it to.probably if u give it to someone who u detest or detests u, e person may start to like u and patch up 2gether or something. and wat else do u ppl suggest we do at the gathering?surely not musical chairs lah tiffany.how about water bomb?throw balloons tat are filled wif water?come on!!!suggestions please!!!

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

5:12 PM


erm,vanessa,im not sure if i can make it to your party. but should be can lah.. will sms you to confirm. (:

im bored.. there's nothing to do! i wish we could go back to school again. (:


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

2:01 PM


HELLO VANESSA! I like your idea of the present thingie. But dont you think if you picked a piece of paper with the name of the person you hate and had to give her your present, its... WEIRD? And i dont know about swimming. I mean its like everyone swim swim then needa bathe? I hate bathing outside of the house you know. -.-

However, its always good to have a gathering. :D But besides that, what else are we gonna do. Like games, etc etc. I dont expect MUSICAL CHAIRS? -.-

23 DEC is fine with me luh. I dunno abt others. PLEASE UPDATE THE BLOG SOON PEOPLE!


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

1:27 PM


arg damn its hot here in china in the afternoon. im lyk wearin only 1 layer but im still damn hot.can some1 m8 the temperature lyk, 4 once, drop to lyk 5 or 6 degrees?
subjects in sch is quite easy. they sec 1 liao still learning about parallel lines and trying to figure out which is the cytoplasm and nucleus.
i wanna go 2 ur party vanessa, but i wouldnt b able to m8 it.U ppl out there must tell me wat is happenin in s'pore k?
oh yeah, bye renia, enjoy ur holiday.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

1:11 PM


hey ppl!its really bored at home.i'm holding a christmas gathering aka farewell gathering @ my house on 23rd december.come on!i need suggestions and replies!if too little ppl den might as well don't hold this gathering.and if there's gonna be one...pls bring along a present and we'll have a gift exchange.For instance...u pick a piece of paper from a box tat has someone's name on it and u'll present the gift to her...how abt tat?
Address:28 Marlene Ave (singapore 556654)
Date: 23rd December (saturday)
Time: to be confirmed (dinner's provided)
and there will be fun stuff like swimming etc...so ppl!I need replies!u can sms me or call me @96639259 or just post ur replies on this very blog.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

12:30 PM



Ok at least you fixed the problem temporarily ( is that how you spell it? ). You know, all cos of the stupid merging thing, the class blog did not get new posts. -.- We missed out about 5 posts? Or less, or more. Anyway, i dont think anyone know yet? Im gonna tell the WORLD and hopefully the people who wanted to post will post now. ): PRAY FOR THE WORST? That sounds kinda wrong. -.-

Ok people! Come and post!


PS: Josephine, I wont look into your email. But i cannot assure you other sixcians dont. -.- Aiya dont worry. We 6cherrytians are very HONEST people, eh? XD

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Monday, December 04, 2006
6:15 PM


OMG sorry everyone!!!(particularly to tiffany, renia and audrey)I didnt noe i merged my gmail with the blog.So if u wanna post, my pw is :96962882. Btw DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT LOOKING AT MY EMAILS.IF YA DO IM GONNA KILL YA ALL.
doing fine in china.the teachers are nice, not those super strict types lyk ymm.the class im in is those crazy types(lyk our class XP)today, this guy passed me a message askin me about my name, how i got to china etc, and then the girls sittin nxt to me snatched the note, read it, and during break they dragged me to that guy and asked him if he was in love with me.XDXDXDXD.that guy started stutterin and talked a whole bunch of rubbish(u noe, lyk denying that he's in love and dat kinda stuff).it was super damn funny and during class they were passin losta messages and the class was giggly the whole lesson.4 the firs time, im sayin that sch is fun!!!
oh yeah, wkends suck 4 me here.its attack of the boredom without the com back at home.on top of dat there r no eng shows on tv, the whole family is sleepin and wth, its freezing cold here.i dun wanna bathe cos its so damn cold. add on the wind its enough to freeze my entire body.the thing is ppl out there can wear jus one layer(a shirt/blouse, and skirt/shorts) and dats it, dey jus walk out onto the streets and start shoppin.how the hell can dey tahan the cold?!?!?!
gotta go bac to sch, lunch break over.

PS sry again bout the merging prob,audrey and renia, 4get about buying an airticket to guangzhou and bear wif the 2hr ride to zhuhai.my bro's hse is outta rm.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

1:18 PM


hi all 6 Cherrytians, its josephine writin my first post(cos i nvr used blogger before, i got lost using it).Missin u ppl out there alrdy, i want to drop by anyone's hse but now im somewhere far away frm s'pore:china!!!im gonna be stuck here for a month cos my mum wants me to a)learn to be independent, b)learn some skills required in the working world, c)learn to adapt to new situations and d)perfect my skills in doing household chores. -_-" and im going to a chinese-speaking sch here(homework included), so dont get envious and start thinking that im lucky to have a 1mth holiday.
its cold here in zhuhai, where my 2nd eldest bro works. so far its ok, just that the food is salty, and pretty much the only hot drink here is tea.all the ppl here babble away in chinese/dialects(very fast) and i cant get the hang of wth they are talkin about.its a communiation meltdown here. also, im technology deprived unless im in my bro's office where the only english typing laptop is avilable.
i hope that i can survive this place, oh yeah and tiffany, pls help me here. i need tips on how to survive this freezing place.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Friday, December 01, 2006
4:37 PM