We are 6 Charity ★

"We're the 39 6Charity girls of the 2006 batch from CHIJ OLGC.

We'd stay together, for as long as we can.
Yes, there are 0 boys. So what!"

Blog created on November 3 2006,
Last Update: November 21 2007.

39 Girls/0 Boys ★

Form teacher: Yang Lao Shi :D
Assist. Form teacher: Mrs. Agnes Chia :D

1. Alison Marie Lee Cheng Hei
{Paya Lebar Methodist Girls'}
2. Amanda Teo Wei Chien
{Nanyang Girls'}
3. Audrey Tay Hui Yi
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
4. Cassandra Tho Xin Yu
{Cedar Girls'}
5. Celestine Ng Qian Hui
{Singapore Chinese Girls'}
6. Chan Yuet Huey Josephine
{NUS High}
7. Charmaine Wee Shu Yun
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
8. Chua Qian Lin Melissa
{Presbyterian High}
9. Faith Lim Fei Ying
{Chung Cheng High (Main)}
10. Gloria Kho Shi Hui
{Cedar Girls'}
11. Heng Yiting Melanie
{CHIJ St Joseph's Convent}
12. Ho Xiang Ying
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
13. Huin Jia Yi
{Kuo Chuan Presbyterian}
14. Khong Jia Hui
{Ang Mo Kio Secondary}
15. Kristal Tai Ting Ting
{Presbyterian High}
16. Krystal Kwan Hui Yun
{Zhong Hua Secondary}
17. Lai Yan Li Elizabeth
{Crescent Girls'}
18. Larissa Andrea Teo
{St Anthony Canossian}
19. Laura Kuan Yi Hua
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
20. Lee Si Jin Vanessa
{Raffles Girls' Secondary}
21. Lek Li Ying Renia
{Chung Cheng High (Main)}
22. Liew Yi Ting
{Tanjong Katong Girls' Secondary}
23. Lim Ru Min Cheryl
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
24. Lim Shi Ting Crystal
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
25. Lin De Lu Sophia
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
26. Luo Rong
{Dunman High}
27. Mackenzie Rae Schoon
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
28. Marian Ng Si Lin
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
29. Ooi Qian Yi
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
30. Rochelle Sim Poh Yun
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
31. Seah Hsiao Wei
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
32. Sharumathi Manogaran
{CHIJ St Joseph's Convent}
33. Siong Li Qing Jeannie
{Nan Chiau Secondary}
34. Tan-Min
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
35. Teng Hao Wen
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
36. Teo Wei Shan
{Kuo Chuan Presbyterian}
37. Thiam Pei Shan
{CHIJ Katong Convent Secondary}
38. Tiffany Gui
{Raffles Girls' Secondary}
39. Yee Si Min
{Nanyang Girls'}

Glamour Asses ★

YAmanda YAudrey YCassandra YJosephine YMelissa YKrystal YLarissa YRenia YYi Ting YCrystal YSophia YQian Yi YHao Wen YWei Shan YPei Shan

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You Know You're Losing It When You Start To Freak Out And Smile At The Same Time.

-Lizzeh. ):

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Saturday, March 17, 2007
9:42 PM


WOOHOO (: im posting the 101th post! long live 101 dalmations ((: AHAHA IM SO RETARDED :p

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AUDREY AND RENIA! since you both are teenagers now, you must be good good girls okay! i know im lame :D

ALRIGHT NOW THE OUTING IS NOT WORKING OUT! AHHH ): no one is responding seh ): looks like our little plan is spoiled ): hiak hiak.

HOW HOW HOW HOW ): aiya. im so sick. got sore throat, sore nose, sore eyes, sore ears and sore neck! serious. i have bad bad cough, sad sad runny nose, red red eyes, pain pain ears and sore sore neck muscle ): BLAH.

TEEFERRKNEE (: the great :D

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Saturday, March 10, 2007
4:06 PM


here are the free days of some ppl.

Cheryl- Practically none.
Sharu-10/3, 11/3, 14/3, 15/3, 16/3, 17/3, 18/3
Tiffany- 14/3, 15/3, 16/3

for tiffany's i think that's what she meant. either free on these 3 days only, or free any other days except this 3.

not many ppl i know. at least better than nothing.

e-learning is testing my patience!

-Hao Wen

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Thursday, March 08, 2007
11:34 AM


99th post
by your one and only LIZ-ZAYE :D

YO !
you know you guys, its kinda hard to gather a lot of people in one place, and travel around together, you know ?
the possibilities we discussed:

sentosa: no, why ? because its far, and many people wont be able to go.
zoo: no, why ? gotta pay entrance fee.
orchard: no, why ? if we travel around in BIIIIG groups, some of us will definitely wander off. and if we want to eat together in ONE restaurant/food court/whatever, it'll be REALLY hard, because 99.99% of the time, the place wont have enough seats for 30+ PEOPLE.

so,what ? :\
theres not many options.

the days i WONT be able to go will be: tuesday, thursday, friday

but maybe friday i will be able to, it depends eh ?

EH-NEE-WHEY, we've been so caught up in school work, and whatnot, nobody really bothered to post anything.
so,i, being a bored little soul who's supposed to be sleeping now, shall post. ((:
on the other hand,
my mums bugging me,
post tomorrow !
bye !


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

12:21 AM


Ok, somemore ppl's free days.

Qianyi- All days except 10/3
Josephine- Monday, Tuesday and Friday
Peishan- Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Larissa- 14/3 to 18/3

- Sophia. (:

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Wednesday, March 07, 2007
8:46 PM


hey ppl! (: can everybody quickly decide where we all wanna go? cos i also needa do other stuff. I shall now tell you all when certain ppl are FREE.

Yiting- 10/3, 15/3, 17/3, 18/3
Marian- 13/3, 14/3, 15/3
Rochelle- 10/3, 11/3, 12/3, 15/3, 16/3, 17/3, 18/3
Luo Rong said shes not free at all! ): nvm.
As for me, I think i can make it on the 10/3, 13/3, 15/3, 16/3, 17/3, 18/3 (i think) yups.
then some ppl still havent reply me, and i THINK crystal told me when she was free but i forgot the dates. hehheh. anyways, i dont think i wanna go to the zoo. Just a simple place will do. ((:

- Sophia.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

6:04 PM



ok i sounded so fierce and bossy.. BLAH. anyway i mean it. less than 1/4 of the class can go ): well so far that is.. and march holidays coming so so soon! we have to prepare.

TO LIZZEH: i love the zoo, with the animals and all. but i think parents wont allow. why cant we just choose a common place like orchard? i think its great! this gatherings not about where we go, its about who goes (: wont it be so cool if 30+ ( i hope ) people BOM-BAR the KFC or MCDONALDS? :D:D

TO EVERYONE: please oh please please try to go! its a rare chance! :D

DRESS CODE SUGGESTION BY ME: i think that wearing normal outing clothes is fine (: but wont it be cool if we all wear our current school uniform with our old school badge? HAHA! but we cant go into AR-KADS if thats the case ):

from the teeferrknee :D


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Tuesday, March 06, 2007
5:04 PM



since i dont think many people will be able to go AAAAALL the way to sentosa,
another alternative may be the ZOO ! :D
but you guys gotta pay for the entrance fee,
which is about 15 bucks ? o.o
you guys decide ! ((:


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Saturday, March 03, 2007
1:17 PM


Hello! i think i can go lah..im quite free during the march holidays cos my npcc camp is being postponed. BUT, i've got an english assignment so i'll probably be meeting my group members on one of the days. Ok, my life in school...going quite well. made quite a lot of friends, whether it's classmates, squadmates or seniors. Today i had my last common test in term1--history ): didn't do well i know..but hopefully it can be better than my geog..hey ppl, guess what's my geog grade...14.5/25....C5..omg...yeah...it's making my term1 ppr(pupil progress report) very pathetic. However that's not the worst..my worst subject is d&t..14/30..yup, i failed. these two subjects are killing me!! We got e-learning next thursday and friday..so no school (it's not exactly a good thing)

see you ppl soon! (:

-Hao Wen

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Friday, March 02, 2007
8:25 PM


OOH MY GOD I'M FINALLY POSTING PEOPLE! why is the blog so damn dead! GOSH! renia what did i tell you! told you the blog will be more and more abandoned ): anyway, RGS is fine laa. but still... STRESS! me and vanessa started our SA1 already. some time ago, abt 2 wks ): we're still battling. the SA only ends next wk. BUT after that its march hols! OOHHH! I really like sentosa (: but you think people can go? its far and parents might not agree to that. im not even sure whether i can go, although i should be quite free ( check the tagboard for details from me! ) must must inform me what you guys decide. try to choose a day when everyone is free. i do have projects and BACK-TO-THE-SCHOOL crp course to do. yeah cant believe im gonna learn CRP! gross.

just sms me to tell me k! you havent lost my number have you? hah :D anyways, pls try to let all cherrytians know. people are really un-informed. like those who didnt even know there was a class blog in the first place though we made it SO CLEAR! i finally have time to post and im so very sorry for not posting! i didnt abandone you guys and never will :D you really cant blame us ( me and others ). sec 1 is so different! and i've already got more than 5 projects on my list! hias... my class 108 rocks! ((: the people are damn united. have i told you my class was a sports class? yeah, abt 1/4 of the people got in through sports DSA. hah! some of you should know already (: they got in through a great variety of sports like tennis, basketball, surfing, track, bowling... aiya anyway i sure die when comparing my sports to them! imagine how good they can be! i mean duh! like hao wen said, in singapore when sports competition comes, first is of cause SPORTS SCHOOL! then its RGS, then st nics :p haha. the teachers are quite ok there, i must change my mind, although some are SO SO SO SO STRICT, they are not bad (: the class is coping well enough. but i might have failed my MATHS SA today... ): serious, the maths is tough. well maybe not for vanessa since 1) shes pro 2) she has tuition from her grandad :D haha. sad life for me. although many people came in through DSA in my class, there are people who came in through PSLE like me. and they are PRO! you might never understand the stress. just imagine you yourself comparing with the BEST OF THE BESTS! gosh, im gonna faint... the seniors are really friendly there :D and hmm... i really wanna meet up with you guys!

ok i think i've blabbed enough for now! my mum and dad's nagging! haha! sms me soon audrey or lizzeh or ray or whoever who can tell me something! ((:

TEEFERRKNEE - your fearful sixcherrytian >:D MUAHAHAHAHA!

to lizzeh: i have a girl called elizabeth in my class too! shes really popular and we all get along! :D
to ray: there's a malay girl in my cls with the same birthday as yours! haha!


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

7:04 PM