We are 6 Charity ★

"We're the 39 6Charity girls of the 2006 batch from CHIJ OLGC.

We'd stay together, for as long as we can.
Yes, there are 0 boys. So what!"

Blog created on November 3 2006,
Last Update: November 21 2007.

39 Girls/0 Boys ★

Form teacher: Yang Lao Shi :D
Assist. Form teacher: Mrs. Agnes Chia :D

1. Alison Marie Lee Cheng Hei
{Paya Lebar Methodist Girls'}
2. Amanda Teo Wei Chien
{Nanyang Girls'}
3. Audrey Tay Hui Yi
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
4. Cassandra Tho Xin Yu
{Cedar Girls'}
5. Celestine Ng Qian Hui
{Singapore Chinese Girls'}
6. Chan Yuet Huey Josephine
{NUS High}
7. Charmaine Wee Shu Yun
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
8. Chua Qian Lin Melissa
{Presbyterian High}
9. Faith Lim Fei Ying
{Chung Cheng High (Main)}
10. Gloria Kho Shi Hui
{Cedar Girls'}
11. Heng Yiting Melanie
{CHIJ St Joseph's Convent}
12. Ho Xiang Ying
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
13. Huin Jia Yi
{Kuo Chuan Presbyterian}
14. Khong Jia Hui
{Ang Mo Kio Secondary}
15. Kristal Tai Ting Ting
{Presbyterian High}
16. Krystal Kwan Hui Yun
{Zhong Hua Secondary}
17. Lai Yan Li Elizabeth
{Crescent Girls'}
18. Larissa Andrea Teo
{St Anthony Canossian}
19. Laura Kuan Yi Hua
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
20. Lee Si Jin Vanessa
{Raffles Girls' Secondary}
21. Lek Li Ying Renia
{Chung Cheng High (Main)}
22. Liew Yi Ting
{Tanjong Katong Girls' Secondary}
23. Lim Ru Min Cheryl
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
24. Lim Shi Ting Crystal
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
25. Lin De Lu Sophia
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
26. Luo Rong
{Dunman High}
27. Mackenzie Rae Schoon
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
28. Marian Ng Si Lin
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
29. Ooi Qian Yi
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
30. Rochelle Sim Poh Yun
{CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary}
31. Seah Hsiao Wei
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
32. Sharumathi Manogaran
{CHIJ St Joseph's Convent}
33. Siong Li Qing Jeannie
{Nan Chiau Secondary}
34. Tan-Min
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
35. Teng Hao Wen
{CHIJ St Nicholas Girls'}
36. Teo Wei Shan
{Kuo Chuan Presbyterian}
37. Thiam Pei Shan
{CHIJ Katong Convent Secondary}
38. Tiffany Gui
{Raffles Girls' Secondary}
39. Yee Si Min
{Nanyang Girls'}

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woah, long time no post. :D

i seriously can't wait to go back to olgc, miss it so much ! although the new building looks SO-NOT OLGC.

maybe someday we can arrange a date where ALL of us can meet up again. :D

for me, crescent's fine. although theres Little Miss Annoying which is becoming more annoying everyday, school's fine.

i just HATE the stupid mass run. there's p.e tomorrow, dammit !

next week saturday, me and melluh are going to the zoo, anyone who's CLOSE to us can go ? :D
not sure about the time, but we'll definitely have to go home at 4.30pm or something.
so tell us if you can go, yeah ? :D

okay, gotta go bathe.

from LIZZEH !


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Sunday, January 28, 2007
9:27 PM


hey people! i am so sick... im sick of being sick. i can't believe st. nics is making us study on the CELEBRATION of cny! like what the! and i have CCA some more. boo hoo hoo! aesthetics committee chairman? what?! i am not good in art. maintain the class notice board and the class deco?! weird and useless and boring. and i am like the head? i rather be in the welfare committee! so fun! get the bdays of pple. oh well... stuck with a sucky position in class and a really really non-enthu class. what to do? pray and hope for the best. sucky position. well... i got to go and take medicine now. bleh! :( see you pretty girls soon!

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

4:01 PM


hi guys! ZhongHua people are not bad.. I just took neoprints with them, in my clique there's 5 people plus an EXTRA girl. She keeps tapping on my shoulder asking just ONE question. She will "eh eh eh!" Then keep tapping on my shoulder, damn irritating.

She dam inconsiderate also, its like, there's no common subject between her and we can't communicate and she thinks she can replace me.

the table is full, and she thinks she's more important than me.

Me: Jane, I move your bag there hor.

Jane: Nnonono!
(waves her fuckin hand vigourously) i mean like, WTH u are SO FUCKIN INCONSIDERATE MAN!

so in the end me and ZiYi move to the other table to eat. FUCK THE HELL OUT OF YOU LA JANE! NO, EXTRA BITCH.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Saturday, January 27, 2007
6:37 PM


hey ppl. st.nics ppl probably cant go back on cny cos there's gonna be lessons. it will go on as usual ): and most of us has got cca too. hais. anyway, visited olgc yesterday and chatted with ymm, it was a really long chat. haha. oso heard the news that zhuo lao shi is retiring on 31st Jan ): there's really a lot of new teachers there. and there's so little cca now. there's like less than 10? didn't see mrs chia cos she went on a meeting.but we did leave a message for her though. today another grp of them went back, maybe they saw mrs chia. poor xiang ying cant go back due to her badminton tournament (so fast).not sure when exactly we'll meet again.
I think now a lot of ppl are starting to like their school, well actually is everyone. but dont forget about 6cherrytea, no matter how much u love ur sec. school now.
jia you ppl!

- Hao Wen

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Tuesday, January 23, 2007
8:23 PM


SixCherrtea's 76th post!

Yep, some don't bother to post anyways. Why is my class talking about who love who who love who? Maybe some of u might think 'isn't this my favourite subject' totally NOT. They pair me up with this guy with square-ish hair with white hair on it, totally looks like a mouse if he is slimmer, of course, im not better off.

I'm still lonely going to school alone cos my mum insists on fetchin' me? ): And recently, i just took neoperints with my NEW friends, they look so new to it, as if it's their first time. " Wow, it turns out to be so nice! Stil can wear crown eh!" I mean, yea we don't have anything else to talk about. -.- Yep my class is noisy whether or not my teacher is around.

And most of the guys would be playing around and chasing girls around -.-

Don't really go out these few days cos of stay backs etc etc. Or- simply just NO MONEY. no time, no money. And why am i posting so much these few days? >.< maybe cos blog's too empty? o.O

signing off, Krystal.
<3 Krystal.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Monday, January 15, 2007
10:49 PM


hey ppl! i didn't post for a LONG LONG time. the fact is, not because im busy, but because im lazy :P sorry! i think 6 cherrytea is really breaking up. it's true that everyone's very into their secondary school and some ppl dont come online very often nowadays. is everyone really really so busy? i guess so. actually we can go back to visit the school anytime, not necessary chinese new year..but i guess it's kinda too impossible..i think everyone's very tired after school.

I look forward to seeing all of you again (:

- Hao Wen

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Saturday, January 13, 2007
2:09 PM


6 CherryTea Is Breaking Up

As me and yiting discussed.

We've noticed that most of us are more focused on our secondary schools, and are going to forget AAAAALL about Primary School by the time February starts. Maybe it's because of homework, coming home late or guys (if you're in a mixed school).

Oh well, it's expected.

These few days, I've been so bored that I've been playing Club Penguin (-.-) and posting on this blog. Sometimes playing MapleStory too.

Speaking of MapleStory, I don't get some people. They never tried the game before, and because the 'Museum of Twits' blog says it sucks, they say it sucks too. It's stupid, really.

MapleStory in their eyes: Walking around and killing mushrooms.

It's not like I LIKE MapleStory or anything, but at least I have a reason to say why I don't like it. Sure, it's full of weird and stupid people. But they're all Singaporeans. And that's what Singaporeans are.

The "Museum Of Twits" blog only points out the bad points in everything, anyway. People who hate MapleStory think it's a stupid game where all the twits gather to twit around. But people who are okay with it, or like it, KNOWS it's a game for interaction. But if you LOVE it, I have no comment at all.

If you ask me, Runescape is the worst game ever. The graphics are so much worse than MapleStory.

Now you think I'm saying this because I love MapleStory. That's not true ANYWAY. I'm just fed up over people putting this in their blogs:

#2. Twits
#3. Liars

Blah blah blah. You see how bored I am ? I'm going to play Club Penguin now.

Have A Good Day.


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Thursday, January 11, 2007
8:39 PM


i'm posting out of boredom.
this blog's really dead, as many of us predicted.
i'll have to go to sleep in 2 minutes, so this will be short.

best part of school ? going home. ((:

theres always this super cute guy at the bus stop. hes always there, everyday. :D

oh well. i'm turning in. 1min 20sec to go to bed. goodnight.

i need some 6cian crappiness or im going to die. -.- i'm alrdy sounding dead, arent i ?

from LIZZEH !

P.S. Miss Uber Annoying, who was mentioned in my last post, is still uber annoying.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

12:37 AM


2nd day of class..

every lesson is so short, 1/2 every lesson ONLY. It doesnt mean that i like studying or anything, but i really really think its short, and the day seems short too. I got caught again- for untidy hair and short skirt. I DON'T EVEN THINK MY SKIRT IS SHORT LOH PLEASE! i had to sat with the other girls for 45min and in the end jsut got 2 stupid hairpins to clip my TOOT fringe.

Luckily they didnt let the hairdresser cut my hair. The rest of the girls were far worse than me, they dye their hair -.- who will be so stupid to try their luck and go to school with dyed hair?? There's this defyant girl who was caught for being late to school and teacher made her sing the national anthem infront of everybody. And she scolded FUCK to the teacher.

Next, she took her bag and left the school. School was all well and my friends rock! There's this ugly girl ( srry no offence, i know im not better off either.) who is so boy crazy that even an ugly batch of guys she say they" waa his face so mysterious eh!"

our school has seriously NO chiobus. And the only people who are named as chiobus are known as: Skinny, good hairstlyle but an ugly face.

Thats my school! ZHSS. -love, Krystal ^u^

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Tuesday, January 09, 2007
3:04 PM



Today was the first day of lessons, well, not really. Just the intro to the subjects.

P.E. is disgusting. The P.E. teacher is Mr. Samat, and he's 63 freaking years old !!
He made us run 2.4km on the first day !! T.T

English is so fun ! My teacher's name is: Mr Andrew Leon Miranda a.k.a. Mr M. HIS NAME IS SO NICE. :D But he's pure Indian. O.O His actions are real drama, which makes the class fun ! :D

Art is just so : The darn teacher gave us HOMEWORK. We had to draw our hands. With pencil. No erasing AT ALL. Even if we draw wrongly, we can't rub it away ! WTH !? That's why our drawings turned out so gross and disfigured. -.-

Now, on to Maths. MY FAVOURITE SUBJECT ! Not for long, anyway. The teacher's male, he's only 26 and the whole class couldnt understand him when he spoke. He had a short tongue and spoke really soft, so me and my friends where like "HUH ?!" "What did he say ??" for the whole lesson.

One of my friends said that one of HER friends told her he was cute. But when he walked in, me and my other friend saw him. Then we were like "HE'S cute ?! what. the hell." and we started laughing.

Crescent only gives us 3 choices for CCA !!
My choices are..
2) Choir
3) AVA Club

WAHAHAHAH. I'm such an arse. I'm not gonna try out for sports. Too much exercise makes Lizzeh a moody child. :D

ELDDS has only 15 empty slots, so maybe I won't get in. So choir is the next best, since this year there's SYF, thus, CCA POINTS ! AVA Club is just there because theres no need for exercise. :P

I can't believe QianYi's joining TRACK AND FIELD and Krystal's joining NPCC.

On to classmates, I think my class is one of the most 'reserved' classes, but we're still okay. :D
But there's this girl who's getting on my nerves like hell.

She follows me EH-VER-REE-WHERE. To the toilet, to buy food, to buy drinks, to class, EVERYWHERE !
And she thinks hyper means 'shouting in a loud voice'. She was like "I'm so hyper ! I'm so pissed lor !" And I was "..."
She talks like an Ah Beng, looks like one too. All the LAs, LORs, HORs spewing out from her mouth.
She wants to join ELDDS but she cant even express real emotions properly. It's like when she laughs, she laughs like this:

"HA. HA. HA ! HA. HA ! You (insert action here) !! HA. HA. HA !"

And when I type that out with the full stops after every "HA", I mean she actually says it like that. Just say it out loud to yourself, stopping after every "HA".

Sometimes she has her "silent laugh", which sounds like a suffocating bullfrog in a chimney. Like shes trying to gasp for air.

Did I mention I think she's les ? No ? Well, yes, I'm getting suspicious. She LOVES to lean on peoples shoulders. And when I say "lean", I mean the HEAD leaning on the shoulder.

Just today she rubbed her boobs against my arm when she reached out behind me, and I wanted to barf all over her. I don't know whether it's by accident or not, but it was RUBBED.

And she has no interest in guys WHATSOEVER.

Disgusting. Gross. Yuk. Horrible. Ew.

I shall call her Miss Uber Annoying. ((:

OKAY. Need to pack my bag now.

Lizzeh. ((:


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Monday, January 08, 2007
9:42 PM


ahh stupid marian she just deleted one of my posts and laughing like crazy. aahahahahahaah. so evil la. i type so long ready. so tiffany u like want me to post everytime right so now u go kill marian k. cause she go and delete one of my super long posts. )): so angry with her now.

ok i shall try and recab what i said.


hi sixcherrytians! i noe you all like hate yor new schl now. but then must try and cope k. right now the person who hates her school the most is probably tiffany! haha she cannot stop complaining on RGS!
marian is a very good girl. haha my FOOT! she like to press u noe tad delete button. she cannot stop laughing seh. i think she ate the laughin pill. anyway. all of u must go back to OLGC k! ahh ten more minutes before i have to go back to class! ok ya so. um every1 feels so antisocial i noe. i only made a few friends and and and this cassandra sae she got her whole class email add, b'dae etc. darn her la. her class so united. my class is the most OBEDIENT class in the level. ahhh so quai kiak. how to survive. then sormore we all not suppose to say any vulgarities ): hard to cope leh. even all the seniors oso dunt dare to say.

Ok this is a message from marian: i am sitting with stupid now. (haha ok wad a lie)

i'm stitting with marian now. and of course she's very annoying.

signing off laura.

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

11:49 AM


Sorry i didnt delete the photo cos i read the info they say that it may take up to 24hrs to delete it T.T dun dare.

The people who went to Zhonghua are ALL not from our class. So i had to make friends on my own. people who went to Zhonghua from our [[school]] are Cleo Tay. Kimberly 6love . Mazy.
I think thats all.. o.O I cant believe i CRIED right infront of the whole hall with EVERYBODY there.

My principal told me to stand up right in front of the whole school (sitting down). Paiseh lei. Then she scolded me for unproper hair, coloured ear sticks, short skirt, long blouse, long fingernails and BLUE coloured hairband T.T lucky i wasnt the few who went up stage for detention.

Made new friends although some look quite TOOT, as lizzy said (:


I owe so damn many people money. First time i did that ): My class in on the third floor and its locked EVERYTIME we leave the class. Rumours had it that we have a 5th floor which opens on the ghost month, a sec 3 student jumped down from the building that night, rumour. Seriously i dunt believe (:

Orientation camp was fun, girls sleep in the hall and guys sleep in the classroom hahaha.

There's this stupid guy who looks like a mouse and another who looks like a squirrel. They keep disturbing us and we keep beating them with our files -.- haha, we call them bastards. Then there's this huge humongous guy with a square-ish hair with white hair on it. -.- we keep making fun of him " eh why teacher never catch you? Go dye ur hair black la Uncle!!"

We all sit seperately on our tables so its hard to talk to each other even if we were juust next to each other ):

still miss you guys ): At least you all are more talkative and maybe, a little better good-looking. xD

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Saturday, January 06, 2007
8:11 PM


I sat schoolbus (: Hahahaha, the experience wasn't bad (yet, no maybe not). The bus was like really SILENT. I was like the only one talking to Faith on the phone. -.- Then I had to put it down and started laughing, to myself, cos' the songs were WAY disturbing, MAN.

I so miss OLGC okie ): Today, when I met Faith at the vending machine (wth) and saw her wearing IJ uniform, I almost cried already. But yeah, due to all of her nonsensical endless super duper funny jokes, I can't help but laugh my everything off. :D

Then went to the auditorium after assembly and we had 2 hours of talk? o.O It's freaking long okie, like REALLY. -.- Then went back to class and hahaha, sat with SiQi. Man, she goes for courseplay (: Super cool laa! Then my form teacher came in, he's from USA. Hahaha, can you imagine me going back to OLGC with an American accent? Nah! Not so fast, duh.

Then blab alot and went for recess.

Recess hahaha, went around with SiQi, her friend and another. (I only know one of them's called Lee Kim, but the spelling, yeah, not sure. Sorry there!) Then went to the pond with FAITH! Walked around and went back to the canteen. Sh*t, I was like lost but hey, I've got a mouth so yeah -.-

-Did alot of games stuff but hell no, I'm not gonna type them all out.-

CCHMS is freaky! I saw the 2 brothers from FHY, someone who looked like my godbrother, someone who looked like Jaryl (hahahaha), someone who looked like Claudia (but of cos' Claudia's prettier laa! Like alot more :D), a netball girl who looks like Jaryl's sister -.- Someone who looked like me! Like omg laa, it's so freaky! Someone who looked like someone I know but don't know who. Someone who looked like the guy I had a crush on when I was in Hong Kong, wth -.- But I know it wasn't him cos' the guy I saw in Hong Kong was way dumber looking, oops. I have a pair of twins in my class! Guys -.- They look super alike and super familiar? o.O

Okie, whatever. School ended, bye (:

F*** YOU!!!
Note: Word has been censored by Lizzeh. :D
I really hoped upon hope that CCHMS is a school that is known for brains (accademic) and ATTITUDE, yeah, the RIGHT one. Seriously, basic courtesy is one main important thing in my life. Like okie, back in OLGC, courtesy. Okie, maybe us students were probably abit rebellious against the teachers, :\ but hey! at least we know what the hell courtesy is right.

Maybe people reading this section would be thinking, (WHY THE HELL IS RENIA TALKING ABOUT ALL THIS CRAP.) But seriously, my day was really distracted by that. Of cos', I wouldn't "show off" your name here, like why should I? But yeah, I'll pray for you to change, so everyone would have a better life to live (: And not curse you, so consider yourself lucky and you'd better CHANGE your attitude you dumbarse.



Please note this post was copied and pasted into this blog by Lizzeh. ((:
It was also edited a teeny bit, to make it suitable for our audiences to read. :D
Visit Renia's Blog for the original post.
Thank You !

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Thursday, January 04, 2007
4:57 PM


Hello everyone !

I've gotta say school's UBER BORING without you guys.
My class is crappy but not as crappy as 6CherryTea. Trouble fitting in because all my "sickness in the mind" is getting bottled up.

To the class I'm still an innocent girl who has never said "f***" in her life. Oh well, they'll soon learn. :D

But I guess all of us will loosen up and get crappy again, yeah ?
Crescent is kinda okay, I think, but it's the start of the year so I'm still "o.o?".

Heard from Miss Mel-luh that the guys in her class are freakishly tall, but she likes tall guys (?!). Hahahah, Miss Mel-luh LIKES GUYS ?!?! No. Way. Kristal also transferred to Mel-luh's school, yeah ? Presbytarian. All the toots. :D

Missing 2005 like crap, when we first met each other and I was still sitting next to Krystal, who kept saying "Ree-NIAAAAA !" over and over, and singing Ashley Simpson's songs. -.-

Easy come, easy go, I guess.

Our whole class shall reunite on Chinese New Year, in our dear OLGC. :D

I’m currently phone retarded now, since I’ve reached my record of sending 3374 messages in 2 weeks. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over the borderline. Going to get scolded by my parents when the bill comes, dang. -.- Trying to reduce the number of smses I use, so if I don’t reply any of your messages, this is why. :D

from LIZZEH !


We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Wednesday, January 03, 2007
8:28 PM


starting out at st.nics with only xiang ying in my class was well... freaky. very. i was sent by my very very on time or very early father and reached the school at about 6.45am when i was supposed to meet xiang ying at 7am. my counsellers were so nice.and i like my form teacher. she is so kind and she is better than both mrs chia and ymm. never scold one. ya. so as the day went on, we attended 2 talks- one safety and one on CCA. so confusing one. anyway. i plan on taking up hockey. so cool. and then we had games. and we all had to go out and shout 'WE LOVE 1 LOYALTY!' yup. and then we change place. i am index number 1 again. yes AGAIN. four years in primary school and another 1 year in sec 1 and in sec 2 i don't know. haha. 1,1,1... so. how was your first day? hope you had a good time and hope you have many friends! don't forget me though! and don't forget this blog and your friends in 6 cherrytea!

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

3:18 PM


A little neoprint that the powerpuff girls took ((:

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Tuesday, January 02, 2007
5:47 PM


krystal kwan shall tell all of you about the story of what the powerpuff girls did yesterday, 2006.

Blossom: Faith
Bubbles: Kristal Tai
Buttercup: Krystal Kwan

Yesterday Sunday, the 3 of them met up in j8 to take neoprints. Krystal Kwan had only $5 so thats all she gave to the donation. T.T After that the 3 of them headed to Mos Burger to chit-chat. They were all--- talking crap. All of them had a Milk Tea each for a drink but Kristal Tai and Faith had an extra dessert, chicken. Then, they realised that they were occupying the space of the impatient customer who were waiting for the seat. So, they left hurriedly.

Next, the 3 of them went to Kristal Tai's house to celebrate countdown. Kristal Tai had promised her lonesome mother to celebrate countdown with her, so we had no choice but to accompany the mother and daughter to celebrate countdown together.

We called canadian pizzas for dinner and Faith ate the most. They said that they'll arrive 10minutes later and so we waited. But we were screaming our heads off and prank calling that stupid ben till we didnt here the pizza man ring the doorbell so many times.This was how the converstaion goes:

Kristal Tai: Ben, i want to tell you something very serious, Faith told us today.
( Faith, signalling Kristal to stop)
Ben: Whaever lor, i know you all playing with me only, I dowan to lisen.

Kristal Tai: I'm very serious here, you listen! Although i know you wouldn't believe me.

Ben: Ok lah! Say lah!

Kristal Tai: Don't you feel a little bit of love from Faith?

Faith: Kristal! What the hell! I got say meh? Pass me the phone lah!
( commotion)
Ben: yaya, whatever lah.
etc etc. there's lots more.

After awhile, we were all fedup cos we still didnt recieve our pizzas after 1.5 hours of waiting. Then, we received a call from the pizza man and he said that he rang our doorbell so many times but we were too noisy. Shit you! Pizza man!

We were all screaming at each other and showing our tummies. And exchanging skirts infront of each otherr. Faith finally wore a skirt, and she looks better dan me! haha. But of course, we were wearing pants underneath but i was wearing leggings!! (:

Kristal Tai was right infront of Krystal Kwan but she used her house phone to call me -.- this was how the converstaion goes:

Kristal Tai: Yo Krystal long time no see! We havent seen each other since posting results! Happy New Year man! ( pats Krystal's back)

Krystal Kwan: Hi! Kristal Tai long time no see also arh! Miss you lei! Happy new Year also!
(pats Kristal's back)

Kristal Tai: Eh Krystal! Have to put down the phone already! Phone bill expensive! Just wanna wish you happy new year onli! (waves hand)

Krystal Kwan: Okay! I also just wanna say happy new year to you! bye!
( waves hand)
(laughing and jumping around) <>

Kristal Tai was obviously crazy over Darren from Project Superstar. Whenever he says a speech or his picture shows up, she will hug the T.V and shout "DARREN I LOVE YOU!!"

Then it was the countdown.. 10......9......8.....7......6.....5......4......3....2...1!!! WOOHOO!! all of us started screaming and dancing around. we took turns dancing with each other and we had butt kicks. This was what we were screaming:


We danced till we dropped onto the pathetic matress that was filled with potato chips. The potato chips were strewned all over the matress and we stepped all over it, but in the end, we ate it from the mattress, gross. Faith's legs were hidden under the blanket and Kristal Tai layed over it. Then, Faith took out her leg and squashed Kristal Tia's boobs. Both of them were screaming, i still don't get what Faith was screaming for. Kristal Tai tried to struggle out of her legs but i accidentally poked her eye. And she screamed " MY EYES! MY EYES!!"

We danced and danced and screamed. Faith was looking out of the window and screaming "Happy New Year 2007!!!"

This was a little song we created althought i wanted to let you hear the actual recording:
I love you baby, and it is quite alright
I miss you baby, den wad arh? x4

aDDDitonal from FiFi...-_-"

and thus, the Powerpuff Girls live on,
using their ultra super power,
Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup,
dedicating their lives to fighting crime and evil!!
(and the song plays)

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}
Monday, January 01, 2007
6:13 PM


Heya guys! Haha i've been posted to ZhongHua T.T

ZhongHua is not THAT bad cos i still have my so called "CLOSE" friend, Alison to accompany me to this school.

>The sad thing about me being with her is:
1) Have to send her to school everyday -.-

>The happy thing about me being with her is:
2) Have a friend to company me?? o.O

>The happy thing about her being with me is:
3) i can send her to school everyday -.-

My mum is happy/proud of me going to Zhonghua cos:
1) the uniform looks like rgs uniform (but i don't think so)
2)Zhonghua is a popular school??? o.O
3) No More.

And to Alison, thanks for forcing ur parents to let u join me -.-

We can live without boys, really. {We guess? Ooops}

5:08 PM